Energy is the amount of magical energy a player has. This energy is spent on magical items and will deplete when you use said items. When you run out of energy, no more magical items may be used, as there's too little left to perform the action. Energy, unlike health, regenerates slowly over time.

Losing Energy

Energy may be lost to magical items. In version 0.9.3, the only magical items are staffs, such as Sapphire Staff sthe Sapphire Staff, Ruby Staff sthe Ruby Staff, Emerald Staff sthe Emerald Staff, Amber Staff sthe Amber Staff, Rod of Water sthe Rod of Water or Rod of Poison sthe Rod of Poison.

Gaining Energy

Energy is slowly regained, but there are still ways to speed this regeneration up. There is but one way to do this.

Armour and Equipment

In the game, 4 sets of armour that may speed up energy regeneration; Sapphire Robe sAzure Hood sthe Sapphire Set, Ruby Robe sCrimson Hood sthe Ruby Set, Emerald Robe sJade Hood sthe Emerald Set and Amber Robe sAmber Hood sthe Amber Set. These set have +2, +6, +10 and +14 energy regen, respectively. The Amber Set increases the energy regen so well, it almost doesn't allow the Energy bar to deplete.

The File:Band of Energy s.pngthe Band of Energy is an accessory that may also speed up energy regeneration, with +3 energy regen.

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