Fishing Demonstration

Fish are a Resource obtained by Fishing.

Types of Fish

There are many types of fish. Click a fish below to learn more.

Types of Fish
Snapper t Soldierfish t Surgeonfish t Butterflyfish t Angelfish t Yellow Tang t Doctorfish t
Snapper Soldierfish Surgeonfish Butterflyfish Angelfish Yellow Tang Doctorfish


All fish can be cooked to an edible Food source by using a Campfire s Campfire or Firepit s Firepit.

Cooked Fish
Cooked Snapper t Cooked Soldierfish t Cooked Surgeonfish t Cooked Butterflyfish t Cooked Angelfish t Cooked Yellow Tang t Cooked Doctorfish t
Cooked Snapper Cooked Soldierfish Cooked Surgeonfish Cooked Butterflyfish Cooked Angelfish Cooked Yellow Tang Cooked Doctorfish

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