Armor is a craftable item that can be equipped to increase the players Defense. They have infinite durability and thus only need to be crafted once. There are many different types of armor and each provides a different amount of defense. Select an armor piece below for more detail.


Defense is a statistic that determines how much protection the player has from incoming attacks. For example, if a Pirate Skeleton hits the player for 10 damage, but the player is wearing a helm with +2 defense, the player would only be hit for 8 damage (10 dmg - 2 defense = 8 Total Damage).

Types of Armor and Defense Value

Material Helm
(Defense Value)
Cloth Angler Hat
Angler Hat (0)
Hood (+1)
Woodsman Hat
Woodsman Hat (+2)
Wood Wood Mask
Wood Mask (+1)
Bone Skull Helm
Skull Helm (+2)
Shell Shell Helm
Shell Helm (+2)
Leather Leather Helm
Leather Helm (+2)
Copper Copper Helm
Copper Helm (+2)
Iron Iron Helm
Iron Helm (+3)
Gold Golden Crown
Golden Crown (+6) (+3 Melee Damage)
Golden Winged Helm
Golden Winged Helm (+6) (+20 Movement Speed)
Azurite Azurite Helm
Azurite Helm (+8)
Cursed Cursed Helm
Cursed Helm (+10)
Other Wolf Hood
Wolf Hood (+1) (+2 Melee Damage)
Shaman Mask
Shaman Mask (+1) (+2 Magic Damage)

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